Official snowfall records:

Greatest daily total – 26.0 inches of snow, at Neillsville on Dec. 27, 1904, and Pell Lake on Feb. 2, 2011.
Greatest single storm total - Superior, 31.0 inches over Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 1991.
Greatest monthly total - Hurley, 103.5 inches in Jan. 1997.
Greatest seasonal total - Hurley, 301.8 inches in winter of 1996-97.

Deepest snow on ground (excluding drifts) - Hurley, 60.0 inches on Jan. 30, 1996.

Cold north winds pick up moisture off the nearest Great Lake, adding to snowfall totals from a winter storm ('lake enhancement'),
but also in the absence of a nearby storm ('lake effect').

Locals revel in outdoor recreation. There are five downhill ski resorts, and hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails in the area.