Montreal River Trail-West Branch

Ratings: Expert

The Montreal River is among the handful of the world's rivers that flow north ward. It was well known to the Indians, the Chippewa called it "Kawasiji-wangsepi" or White Falls River or "where there is a strong foaming current in the river".

Expert only. Kayak or covered canoe. Note: This river route has not been officially surveyed and includes high hazard Class V rapids, dams and inaccessible canyon-like areas.  Water levels fluctuate greatly since the West Branch is used for hydro-electric power generation. The river marks the boundary between Michigan and Wisconsin.

During spring high water conditions, the West Branch can offer thrilling white water experiences for experienced kayakers. The river was the site of the 1985 Pan-Am white water competition. In summer, water levels are usually too low.

The Montreal River Canyon is located on private property. Permission should be asked of landowners before entering this area. Canyon walls are steep-sided and not barricaded or marked.  Paddlers should be cautioned that there is no land access out of the canyon once it is entered.

Before planning a trip on this river, we encourage paddlers to check the water flow information at 715-893-2213 for condition updates on this route.

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