Broadband Expansion

The Iron County broadband expansion project is underway and equipment has been installed on three towers this summer. Fixed wireless equipment is up at the Saxon, Radar Hill and Montreal towers which will provide service to many areas in northern Iron County. This year’s project was funded through a grant from the Public Service Commission and local contributions from Iron County, Iron County Resource Development Association, Inc. and

The Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) conducted a Broadband Survey of NW WI.
Surveys were sent to residents and business owners in late 2020 (available in both hard copy and online). The purpose of the surveys was to determine the extent, quality, cost, and usage characteristics of broadband internet in each of the four counties within the study region. Survey results portrayed at the end of the report for each of the eight surveys distributed were compiled and tabulated in 2021. This study includes a summary of key findings, recommendations to promote broadband expansion, as well as a list of resources available to support expansion efforts.

To learn more about the project, view the document, and launch the interactive map, see the project site at: 2021 Broadband Survey Results