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❄️❄️Hurley Area Snow Report March 4, 2021

The White Thunder Riders had 2 groomers out early this morning on the North Iron County trails. They have reported that trails range from GOOD to FAIR, depending on where you are riding. There is still some snow on the trails in the woods/ shaded areas. Trail 8E by Bass Lake, Trail 13 the Hogsback (from the intersection of Trail 15) and Trail 77 from Iron Belt to Upson are considered to be good riding. There are ICY spots and some of the lower areas have water spots.
Upson Lake Road (Trail 7) is BAD as it is a plowed road. Same conditions exist on the last mile of Trail 15N before the intersection of Trail 8. Also Trail 3 is bad past Saxon Harbor.
Early SPRING riding conditions exist.
Be sure to support the White Thunder Riders by purchasing 50/50 Raffle Tickets at your favorite pit stop on the trails. Drawing will be held at 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 6 at the North Pole Bar.

To help clarify when ATV trails open/close.  Many other counties have hard dates when the open/close their trails.  We don’t. Typically the ATV/UTV trails do not close in the fall.  They just roll right into Snowmobile season.  But there are a few caveats.  When the trails are froze or December 1, whichever comes first, then ATV/UTV use is prohibited if the temperature is 32 degrees or above.  This is in effect until March 31.  ATV/UTV trails close in the spring when the Snowmobile trails close, no later than March 31.  ATV/UTV trails stay closed until spring break-up conditions are good, generally around May 15.

ATV/UTVs need to follow the ATV/UTV map, even in the winter.  Tracks are not allowed on ATV/UTVs on the trails as they do not meet the WDNR definition of an ATV/UTV.  Tracks are allowed on lakes for fishing.

When we get calls from ATV/UTVers  who are looking to come up during deer season, we do caution them that many of our trails are on public and private property that are used for hunting during gun deer season and caution should be used.  Also, we remind winter ATV/UTVers that we get a lot of snow and there are many areas that they may have to get off of the trail when meeting a groomer.

We hope this helps. Thank you for your cooperation.


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