Cary Park Estates

The Iron County Development Association, Inc. as owners of Cary Park Plat in Hurley, WI., hereby declare that all lots sold in the plat are subject to restrictions and conditions in order to protect the community and landowners. Owners of lots in Cary Park Plat will be subject to the restrictions and conditions, which will be in the owner’s deed or conveyance. The conditions and restrictions will be considered covenants with the land when conveyed or deeds and will be binding on the heirs, executors, administration, successors and assigns of any person to whom the land may have been conveyed for a period of 30 years. The restrictions and conditions will terminate on Jan. 1, 2036.

  1. The property will be zoned as single family residential only.
  2. No more than one single-family residence shall be erected on any one-platted lot.
  3. No lot in the plat shall be subdivided.
  4. The Iron County Resource Development Association shall review and approve development plans.
  5. Minimum building size will be 1500 square feet of living space, excluding basement and garage space.
  6. All buildings shall be of new construction built on permanent foundations.
  7. Single-family structures shall have a minimum roof pitch of 4/12.
  8. Construction of the principal structure shall begin with 12 months after the lot is purchased, and construction shall be completed within 12 months after it’s started.
  9. A minimum two-car garage shall accompany each dwelling. The garage cannot be more than a single story with a roof pitch of 4/12 unless it’s design conforms to the primary dwelling.
  10. Accessory buildings shall be limited to 9 foot walls with a maximum square footage of 1200.
  11. Large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers, log trucks and dump trucks are prohibited from parking in any lot.
  12. All electric lines, cable television, telephone lines and any other service shall be buried.
  13. Landscaping of the front yard shall consist of planted grass and a blacktop or concrete driveway within one year of occupancy.
  14. No store, shop or commercial property shall be conducted on any property.
  15. No trailer, basement, tent, garage, mobile home or doublewide mobile home shall be used temporarily or permanently as living space on the property.

These covenants are for the benefit of property owners in Cary Park Plat in the City of Hurley, WI. Any owner breaching these covenants shall be liable to the Iron County Resource Development Association Inc. and to any owner of property in Cary Park Plat.carey park pricingcarypark