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We invite you to enjoy the Waterfalls of Iron County, as perfectly natural now as when they were discovered. You’ll find some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Wisconsin here, both in height and surrounding scenery. Most of Iron County’s many waterfalls are located off-the beaten path, unspoiled by crowds. Play it safe around these natural areas—use care and enjoy the falls from a safe distance.

  1. Superior Falls (N46.56267  W90.41527) – 90 Feet Montreal River (Lake Superior/Saxon Area) Take Hwy. 122 north of U.S. 2 approximately 4.2 miles. You will cross the Wisconsin/Michigan Border. Continue another .5 miles, then turn left on a gravel road. Parking lot available.
  2. Potato River Falls (N46.675 W90.53032) – 90 Feet Potato River (Gurney Area) Head south from U.S. 2 on Hwy. 169, 2.8 miles (through Town of Gurney). Turn West on Potato River Falls Road, continue for 1.5 miles. Town park with rustic picnic campsites available.
  3. Peterson Falls (N46.47460 W90.19885) – 35 Feet East Branch Montreal River (Hurley Area) Take U.S. 2 west of Hurley for .6 miles to gravel road at Ero Nasi Construction sign. Follow road straight east – do not take any side roads. Continue for .3 miles and park at small turnaround. Follow foot path located on north side of parking area. ¼ mile walk to falls.
  4. Upson Falls (N46.37009 W90.41133) – 18 Feet Potato River (Upson Area) Take Hwy. 77 west from Hurley into Upson. Turn north at Upson Town Park sign, then left at end of street. After crossing the river, turn left into Upson Town Park. Camping & Picnic area available.
  5. Gile Falls (N46.43074 W90.22715) – 15 Feet West Branch Montreal River (Gile Area) Head west on Hwy. 77 from Hurley, into Montreal. Turn left on Kokogan, then right onto Gile Falls Street. Proceed on street to overlook of falls. A snowmobile bridge crosses the top of the falls and can be accessed by foot.
  6. Shay’s Dam Falls – 15 Feet Turtle River (Mercer Area) Head east on County J in Mercer for 2.5 miles. Turn north (left) on Beaver Lodge Circle. Proceed 3.6 miles, passing Beaver Lake Road. Turn east (right) on Fisher Lake Road 1.2 miles to small side road on the left leading to Shay’s Dam. Watch for “Shay’s Dam” sign. Park with picnic area available.
     Peterson Falls Peterson Falls  Saxon Falls
  7. Kimball Falls (N46.48584 W90.26374) – 10 Feet West Branch Montreal River (Hurley Area) West out of Hurley on U.S. 2 for 3 miles, turn south (left) on Park Road and continue .2 miles. Turn west (right) on Town Park Road. Cross the one lane bridge to enter the park just below the falls. Other scenic rapids and riffles are upstream. Picnic area and pavilion available.
  8. Lake of the Falls – 10 Feet Turtle River (Mercer-Turtle Flambeau Flowage Area) North from Mercer on U.S. 51 for 1.4 miles. Turn west (left) on Hwy. FF and proceed 5.2 miles. Turn left at Iron County Park/Lake of the Falls sign. Picnic and rustic camping facilities, boat landing with access to Turtle Flambeau Flowage via Turtle River.
  9. Foster Falls (N46.42248 W90.45887) – 25 Feet Potato River (North of Upson) North from Upson on Highway 122 for 5 miles. Turn west (left) on Sullivan Road and proceed 2 miles to the river and falls. (This falls does not have an indicator on the map.)
  10. Spring Camp Falls (N46.34833 W90.23886) – West branch, Montreal River. Heading south from Hurley on Hwy. 51, travel 4 1/2 miles. Turn right (west) on County Hwy. C. About 1 1/2 miles west, the county road turns sharply north - don't take that. Continue forward on the gravel road. In about a mile turn south, following East Branch Rd. about another 3 miles. When East Branch forks, continue right about 1 mile. Follow rustic path signs.
  11. Rouse Falls (N46.36843 W90.47791) – Travel west from Upson about 2 1/2 miles on Hwy. 77. Take a right on Casey Sag Rd. One mile north of Hwy. 77 on Casey Sag Rd. near the rustic trail on the west. Then it is about a 3/4 mile hike.
  12. Wren Falls N46.39774 W90.50694) Forks River. About 5 1/2 miles south of US 2 on Hwy. 169. Take a left (east) turn on Vogues Rd. Follow the gravel road for 3 1/2 miles until a hairpin turn. Take the center road for about 1 mile where the road forks. From there hike up the hill to a primitive campsite above the north side of the falls.


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