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Iron County Trail Update 12/19/14

The Iron County snowmobile and winter ATV trails will RE-OPEN again TODAY, Thursday December 18, 2015 at NOON.
Riders need to use caution as open water or icy conditions may exist.




Any snowmobile trails posted with both ATV and Snowmobile signs are open to ATVs in the winter. Please compare your Iron County ATV map to your Snowmobile map and make a note of those trails. Also, ATV trail riding is allowed only as long as the average daily temperature is less than 30 degrees, due to the fact that ATVs have the potential to do much greater damage to the trails during warming conditions. We must have a spirit of cooperation if we are to continue to develop a multi-use trail system for our visitors.

As off trail conditions and terrain may look fun, riders are asked to stay on the trail bed. Riding in ditches or off trail can lead to trail closure particularly in wet areas and on private property. Thank you for your cooperation. 


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Last Updated: 12/19/2014